Each time a holiday appears, the race begins to avoid running out of cash. ATMs are ransacked, and good finance is missing for those days off.

But don’t despair! An online loan can save you, and we tell you how to apply step by step through Good finance:

1. If this is the first time you enter Good finance, you need to create your account, something you can do easily and quickly.

2. Once the advance is approved, you just have to accept the offer, and the money will be transferred to your account within 24 business hours.

3. From the same account in which your advance is deposited, the refund will be debited on the day of expiration. Once debited, you will be able to request a new advance.

The requirements that you must meet are to be over 18 years old, have a cell phone line, be Argentine and / or be a resident, be a bank account holder, and have a blank job.

What are the advantages of using Good finance?

What are the advantages of using Good finance?

  • We grant you advances with excellent conditions, and with great flexibility.
  • The whole process is online, so you don’t have to leave your home.
  • The advances we offer are all tailored to your needs.
  • We guarantee transparency in the information.
  • No lyrics girls. By hiring you will know how much money you will have to repay.

To know exactly how much will be the amount to be returned, the platform offers its simulator, through which to test the amount and term that fits your needs and possibilities.

How long does the approval of the advance take?

How long does the approval of the advance take?

Being an extremely agile service, the accreditation of the funds in your account will be made within 24 business hours from the moment your application has been approved and you have accepted all the terms and conditions for obtaining the advance.

You will immediately find out the status of your advancement, through an email and SMS.


Good finance’s Tips

Good finance

Although the loan you request you can use for the destination you want, without giving explanations, we recommend that before accessing an advance think if you really need the money, and if you will be able to repay it in the agreed terms.

  • Review and read all terms and conditions carefully before accepting them.
  • Think about whether you can reimburse the money in the time you committed.
  • Think about the use you will give money, which is something that gives you usefulness.
  • Do not overdo it and ask for what you really need.

Good finance will be helpful when an emergency or unforeseen expense appears.
To pay bills, taxes, fees or services, or those purchases you did not have planned or arose at the last moment.

Also, for this case that brought us together today: the arrival of the holidays, and the exodus Good finance at the ATMs.

We know that when asking for money there are many doubts and distrust that appear. But there is a convenient option, a reliable place to access the loan you need. That place is good finance

Our goal is to provide you with transparent information about our good financial advances, and to evacuate any questions you may have regarding them.

If you have any questions, contact me and receive all the advice you are waiting for.

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