Depending on the quality of the guarantees, we can grant up to 20% or 25 depending on each case, the value of the guarantee. It should also be noted that these guarantees can be of various kinds, it is not necessary that only a real estate can be any type of object with the sole exception of jewelry; the possibilities are very wide and the client will never be able to enjoy his particular credit.

Private equity loans

Private equity loans

These private equity credits also have a series of virtues that make us better on many occasions than any bank or financial entity can offer; To begin, they are processed very quickly and in less than 72 hours the client can use his money.

We obtain this speed in the management thanks to the fact that our company never tries to saturate the client with too many procedures, we ask for little documentation, the strictly necessary.

There is also a very interesting alternative for the customer, it is the car loan and in this formula the customer can get money for his own vehicle, we grant him money for his car. First we value that utility and then we can give the user an amount that can range between 30% or 40% of the value shown in the appraisal.

This process is identical when it comes to a motorcycle, a truck or a van, it can even be a boat, according to each particular case.

Get your money even if you are in the Financial Credit Institutions

Get your money even if you are in the asnef

The concept is that the client can obtain his money, even if he is in precarious economic conditions such as being able to appear in the business or not having a job, we always offer him opportunities to obtain financing.

We can do all this thanks to the fact that we are a company formed by private and private lenders with extensive training and experience in real estate and financial matters. As such we carry out a series of feasibility studies that allow us to know what the success of the operations that we are going to process will be; These analyzes are totally free for the client and we do not charge them anything for it, also in the case of being endorsing with a real estate property we only need the note always the registration to be able to perform the analysis.

Very competitive interests

Very competitive interests

Another interesting feature of the loans we offer is that they have very competitive interests compared to those offered by other companies in the sector. Our interests are between 12% and 15% annually, but the most important thing is that they can be paid in a very comfortable way, we always try that these fees can be met in terms that can be monthly, quarterly, semiannual or annual, depending of the specific and specific needs of each client.

With regard to real estate, these must have an important characteristic, not having any type of charges or mortgages and fulfilling this fundamental part may be valid to guarantee private loans, flats, houses, premises, etc. The only thing we do not accept are lots or plots because we consider that these real estate assets are too subject to excessive variations in their prices, which cannot be acceptable guarantees for the loans we grant.

Official housing appraisal

Official housing appraisal

In the event that the official appraisal of the house is necessary, our company can carry out this process and will carry it out at a price that is economical and reduced for the client, since we always try to handle the maximum amount of matters possible.

The operations that we process are always signed before a notary and this I know is completely legal; To make notarial signatures it is not necessary that the client has to travel or travel to another city, you can do it in the same location as our company of private lenders offer coverage throughout the national territory including also the islands.

We also want to specify that in our company it is regulated by the Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs and therefore, the user can feel safe and fully confident in the hands of our professionals, therefore, we encourage you to consult all the doubts you have about how to get a particular credit in our company. The amount of money they can ask for in a private loan is around 20% and also depends on the quality of the guarantees, but as we have said before, there are multiple ways to request any credit in our company, if you need more information, no Feel free to contact our company.

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