The money is very frowned upon. Trying to make money, although it is something that (almost) everyone looks for, then it is something that they don’t like to say. The economy, finances and others are taboo topics in many conversations.

It is distasteful to ask someone what they earn, even in a family reunion or among friends … or precisely, for that.

Possibly, this thought, this relationship, that you have with respect to money come from a repair towards the finances that we have ingrained since we are little. Money issues are like something “dirty.”

And this idea makes a lot of sense. If the center of your life is the economic benefit then solidarity cannot be… or can it?

What role does Solidarity play in Personal Finance?

What role does Solidarity play in Personal Finance?

If solidarity is the center of your life, you must spend most of your time doing things that will produce the greatest good for you and others. And how to do this?

For some, it can be volunteering, even professionally.

Anyone who works as a volunteer believes that they can do more for the world, working in situations where they can directly see the result of their efforts. They work caring sick, elderly, delivering food, etc.

But that is not the only way

But that is not the only way

Look at the Bill Gates Foundation and his wife Melinda. Bill Gates is the perfect definition of capitalism. There are the strategies that Microsoft has been developing over and over again.

However, what does Bill do with all that wealth he has accumulated? Create a Foundation and contribute to the world of the wealth you have earned. Without this Foundation there would be things that could not have been done.

He found another path to the same goal: to help the most needy.

Most of us are between these two extremes. We work in jobs that are more lucrative than volunteer work but almost none of us can aspire to achieve the enormous wealth levels of Bill Gates.

However, thanks for your effort, you can make a big difference too. Let’s say you allocate 10% of all your monthly income to donations. Or all the income you have from a certain amount of money.

This could at least partially finance the work of a volunteer

This could at least partially finance the work of a volunteer

Because of your effort, someone can spend a day making a difference in the world.

In the same way, a person can choose not to give anything during his life, earn a lot of money and finally donate everything to an important solidarity initiative.

Different people have different talents and different ways to help. What matters is that you really help, either working hard to make a donation to a cause or working directly on that cause.

What matters is that you put your talents to work in a good cause that is important to you.

And that is compatible with having well-managed personal finances. Want to earn more money and strive for it. And that domestic finance is not a taboo or “dirty” issue.

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